Romantic Sunset Cruise from Zadar by Speedboat

Duration: 2 hours

Experience an unforgettable sunset from Zadar on a thrilling speedboat ride. This two-hour adventure combines the excitement of speedboating with romantic moments as the sun sets. Here's what you can expect:

  1. Departure from Zadar:

    • Embark on an exciting speedboat journey from Zadar's harbor towards a spectacular sunset.
  2. Coastal Cruise:

    • Feel the thrill of speedboating as the sun descends towards the horizon, providing stunning views over the sea.
  3. Island Landscapes:

    • Enjoy the island scenery along the coast, creating picturesque vistas.
  4. Romance of the Sunset:

    • Experience romantic moments as the sun disappears behind the horizon, leaving beautiful reflections on the water.
  5. Return to Zadar:

    • After savoring the sunset, the speedboat comfortably returns you to Zadar's harbor.